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aka Bill K.
United States
Current Residence: Columbus, Ohio
Favourite genre of music: good
Favourite style of art: pen and ink
MP3 player of choice: They had to force me to use cds man
Wallpaper of choice: Faye Valentine in a bikini
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: I have to pick just ONE?
Personal Quote: The higher the office, the more trust has to be earned.
It was suggested that I write an entry explaining why I won't take commissions, collaborations, art trades, point commissions, requests and the like.  Fair question, so here goes.

Art trades: I have done art trades in the past.  I may do so again.  The thing about art trades is two-fold.  One, if I have a picture in mind that I'd like to see, I usually just draw it myself.  After all, I'm the one who knows just how I want it.  And two, I've done trades with people who didn't live up to their side of the trade.  These things happen.  There are people out there who depend upon the trusting nature of others to get what they want for free.  Unfortunately, it makes folks like me cautious.  Will I do an art trade again?  If the trader's request pique's my interest.  If they want something I want to draw, and if I think they could produce an interesting take on something I want to see, I'll do it.

Collaborations: I draw as a hobby and, as such, don't always have a lot of time to devote to it.  And a collaboration just sounds like a lot of logistical work.  Plus, I'm loathe to disappoint and I'm just afraid that a collaboration with me would disappoint.

Commissions: I draw, as I said, as a hobby.  That means I draw what I want to see.  A commission is what the person paying me to draw wants to see and it may not always be something I'm interested in drawing or comfortable drawing.  I've done a few commissions in my distant past and too many ended up being drudge work.  While I'm not against money (I have no use for points), I work forty hours a week as it is.  Drawing is what gets me away from work.

Requests: I opened myself up to requests a few years ago.  While some of the requests were quite stimulating, challenging or outright fun, some of the other requests weren't.  And some of the requesters, unfortunately, were demanding, obnoxious, rude, entitled little sub-humans who were a wretched pain to deal with.  So I stopped doing requests.  Blame them.  And for those who request that I stop drawing (or at least stop posting my drawings), NaNoEmo 2015 - #13-20 Angry Razz .

I hope that answers everyone's questions, now and in the future.  If I've disappointed some, I'm sorry.  Hopefully what I post can fulfill your curious need for Bill K. art.
  • Listening to: Dragnet
  • Reading: Thea Stilton and the Tropical Treasure
  • Watching: Gotham (Lord help me)


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